February 14, 2008 Memorial

February 14, 2008 was a tragic day for the community of Northern Illinois University. This site was created by the staff of the University Archives and Regional History Center as a memorial for all affected by that day's campus shooting. It is devoted to the healing and support of each individual as they browse and comment upon the items and contribute their own unique memories.

FLSP 438 and 538: Literature of Madrid and Barcelona

For the course FLSP 438/538 taught by Stephen Luis Vilaseca, both undergraduate and graduate students collaborate to produce an ongoing digital humanities project entitled “Mapping the Marginalized in Contemporary Spanish Literature.” With the guidance of the professor and NIU’s library specialists, students developed three digital maps, two of Madrid and one of Barcelona.

FLST 481 and 581: Literature of Toledo

For the course FLST 581 taught by Stephen Luis Vilaseca, two graduate students, Monica Morales and Jessica Yandun, collaborated to produce a digital humanities project entitled “Toledo en la literatura” [Toledo in Literature]. With the guidance of the professor, Monica and Jessica developed a digital map of Toledo containing texts and videos about the urban sites visited.

History Harvest 2016

In the fall semester of 2016 Northern Illinois University Libraries, the Northern Illinois University Archives and the Northern Illinois University Regional History Center collaborated with Professor Stanley Arnold of the university’s History Department and twenty three of his students to gather and explore historical materials pertaining to the theme of Immigration to DeKalb County, Illinois.